The Cutlery Crew
A 6ft woman and a sex doll take on femininity.

23rd Apr - London
24th Apr - Brighton
19th May - London
21st May - Norwich
12th Jul - Manchester
03 - 11 Aug - Edinburgh Fringe
17 - 19 Aug - Camden Fringe


Banging Fun Stuff - Edinburgh Fringe

The Cutlery Crew
70s-cop-show-gone-wrong, soundtracked comedy.

Review: Banging Fun Stuff does exactly what it says on the tin. It's fringe theatre at its best. Quirky, original, bonkers!

Performed at: Swindon Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Barnstaple Theatre Fest, Reading Fringe, Cambridge Junction TroopFest, Bedford Fringe and for a full run at Just The Tonic, Edinburgh Fringe

Amateurs of Life and Death - Album

The Shadow Committee
Piano-led amateur dramatics.

Review: "His compositions are heartfelt, driven by a restless theatricality deserving of the albums ambitious title and thrilling in their wit.

Released: Bandcamp/iTunes/etc. Performed at: A smattering of Norwich gigs.


Into Wonderland - Live Film Score

The Shadow Committee

Performed in Cambridge over two gigs, and in Norwich twice (once as an excerpt).

Mean Things I Did To My Sister - Edinburgh Fringe

The Cutlery Crew
A high energy romp through Amanda's psyche, where comedy and live blues collide!

Review: "Superb technical, but fluid, performances."

Formant - Music Software Project

MMus Project
Interactive video game music engine, using formants of a music note to create drone textures for a real time strategy game.


Lines - Single

The Shadow Committee
Review: "a wholly enjoyable escapade through sound"


The Lost World - Live Film Score

The Shadow Committee
65-minute film re-score for 'The Lost World' (1925), performed at the Norwich Puppet Theatre as part of the BBC Norfolk Music Video Festival in September 2011.